Build this mini-cabin using panelized construction for less than $2000!

This mini-cabin has a 12' x 10' foundation (approximately 120 square feet of floor space) and is designed for the walls to be built as 9 separate panels. This allows much of the construction to be done offsite, allowing rapid final assembly at your desired location. Plans for this mini-cabin are supplied on detailed 11" x 17" pages, specifying the basic materials required, layout sheets for cutting material, a construction page for each panel, and final assembly instructions for the

These plans cover all exterior construction including roof decking (roofing material and interior finish is your choice), along with an interior loft and ladder.

These pictures illustrate the basic steps in constructing this mini-cabin. Our cost for building the cabin (excluding the deck, not included in the plans) was less than $2000, using all new construction materials, including door, windows, roofing & stain.

Mini-Cabin plans are available for $14.99 per set

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